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About Dr. Kashyap

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Dr. Kashyap is Triple American Board Certified, in Plastic Surgery, Surgery and Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He has trained extensively in USA in UCLA (California), Guthrie Clinics, University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), UMASS (Massachusetts) and Lenox Hill hospital (New York) in Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. He practiced for nearly sixteen years in the US until moving back to India in 2005. He was on the faculty as an Assistant Professor at UMASS Medical center and Medical school. He has headed many research projects and written over thirty research papers and won several awards for research and teaching. He was the only Plastic Surgeon to feature in Sony TV's internationally telecast series on Extreme makeover "Naya Roop Nayi Zindagi".

Dr. Kashyap has appeared in several noteworthy news media, including the internationally renowned Discovery Channel and the Boston Globe, Harvard News, Ayer Times (USA), Times of India, Hindustan Times, CNBC, CNN, CNN-IBN, AajTak amongst others.

He has headed multiple departments of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery including The Aesthetic Center of MetroWest (Massachusetts, USA), Fortis, Escorts, Apollo, Columbia Asia and Asian hospitals.

He has been involved in various socially relevant programmers including Plastic surgical reconstruction and rehabilitation of Acid burn victims and childhood deformities.

He practices state of the art Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in South Delhi and Gurugram areas, making cutting edge advances in Aesthetic Surgery. He is currently the Medical Director of KAS Medical Center and Director of Plastic Surgery at MedSpa, New Delhi.

Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi

hair restoration surgery in south delhi

Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair loss is a very disturbing concept for everyone, since thick shiny hair is the epitome of health and youth. Hair loss occurs due to a combination of different factors such as family history or genetics, aging, stress, un-healthly lifestyle, or a change in hormone balance. Early onset of hair loss can cause extensive baldness later on in life. If you have visible scalp area or receding hair line, do not ignore it. It is a major concern for both women and men alike. You can now get rid of hair loss by opting for hair surgery in Delhi.

Let your search for the best hair transplant procedure in Delhi, cost of 5000, 3000, 2500 hair graft come to an end with best hair transplant surgeon in India, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap. With an experience spanning over 35 years in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, he has emerged as the leading hair transplant surgeon in India.

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Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a surgical procedure where hair is transplanted from the DHT resistant area, in the back and sides of the scalp where hair is more resistant to balding. The hair is then transplanted into the recipient area where the balding has occurred. After the patient’s scalp is anesthetized, the doctor removes a strip of hair dense tissue from the donor area. This strip is then cut into many individual follicular units using microscopic dissection techniques. As these follicular unit grafts are being prepared, the doctor prepares the recipient site by making tiny holes in the scalp. These are called recipient sites where the grafts are carefully placed. A linear scar will be present where the strip has been removed.

best hair transplant delhi india


Follicular Unit extraction, FUE, has become a very popular hair transplant technique due to its less invasive nature and quicker healing time. FUE is a hair transplantation procedure in which small individual follicular units are extracted from the donor area of the scalp, one at a time. There are upto 4 hairs are in each follicular unit graft. These grafts are then transplanted into a patient's balding, recipient, areas. The procedure entails harvesting each hair graft individually, one at a time using a tiny punch typically ranging from .7 to 1 millimeter in size. Preparation of the donor area includes cutting the hair very short so the patient’s scalp can be seen by the physician.

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Advantage of FUT Strip Grafting over FUE:

Since the direction and angle of the follicular unit beneath the skin can't be seen and can often differ from the direction of the hair on the surface, a sharp punch if used below the surface of the skin might transect or sever the underlying follicular unit. However, with strip grafting, each unit can be carefully separated since the direction is exposed. This results in more viable grafts as compared to the FUE method.

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Advantage of FUE over FUT Strip Grafting:

FUE is less invasive in nature. In the FUT – Strip Grafting procedure, where the “strip” of follicular unit-bearing scalp is removed, dissected, and the wound is closed with sutures which would need to be removed after 7 to 10 days. With the FUE grafts, the surrounding tissue are extracted individually with punches, which do not require sutures. These heal quickly on their own. This result in minimal scarring, where with FUT Strip Grafting, a scar is formed in the back of the head where the strip is removed.

With either method, the result is the same – a natural looking head of hair, where confidence and youthful appeal is prevalent.

best hair loss surgery in women


Looking good and healthy is what we all strive for, but due to the the current hectic, stressful lifestyle, hair loss and thinning has become common in men and women. A nice thick and well nourished head of hair gives a healthy, young, positive appearance. Here is where the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is an excellent solution and plays a vital role in current therapies for hair loss.

Platelets are an important component of your blood cells which help to repair damaged blood vessels and prevent uncontrolled bleeding after injuries. Platelets are rich in growth factors which stimulate the hair follicle stem cells to divide and thicken the small hairs.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrated solution of platelets, taken from your own blood. Your PRP is injected into the scalp to the hair root and its stem cells of the hair.

With PRP, hair thinning can be reduced and natural hair growth can be achieved. There are no cuts, no scars. The benefits are seen gradually, over time, reducing the miniaturization or the shrinking of hair follicles. There is no recovery period, you can resume normal activities after the procedure.

PRP hair treatment in delhi

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Therapy has multiple benefits:

  • - The first benefit is that the platelet rich plasma is developed from the client’s own blood, no risks of rejection, allergies or hypersensitivities.
  • - The second point is the effectiveness of the treatment, where results can be seen after the initial 1 to 2 sessions.
  • - The next benefit is that no cuts or scars are involved.
  • - Finally, PRP is a natural treatment beneficial for both men and women.
FUE hair transplant in india

Beard & Moustache Transplant in Delhi

Moustaches and Beards contribute to the strong, masculine appearance of the face. Thick growth, groomed well give a nice, neat, impressive look. Unfortunately, thin hair density, abnormal and irregular shapes of the beard and moustache on the face gives a deserted, older and tired look. To improve density, or lack of facial hair due to genetics, illness or trauma, the procedure for a beard and moustache transplant is becoming more and more prevalent today.

The Beard and Moustache Hair Transplant in Delhi is a minimally invasive procedure done as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. Hair follicles are extracted from donor area through the FUE or FUT method. The donor area is usually the back of the scalp area. The hair grafts are carefully transplanted in the recipient area in specific orientation and direction to ensure a natural look. The result…….thick and dense handsome beard and moustache.

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Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Delhi

Eyebrows are a very important aesthetic feature which give important definition to the face. When thinning or absence of this facial feature occurs, the appearance of your face may affect your self-esteem and reduce your confidence. Eyebrow transplantation is a wonderful solution to achieving beautiful thick eyebrows. Eyebrow transplantation has a major advantage – natural looking eyebrows. There are many methods of making eyebrows appear fuller, such as with a tattoo or daily makeup application, but they are not natural solutions to your problem. Due to developments in hair transplantation techniques over the past 10 years, eyebrow transplantation is possible and is successful. Eyebrow transplantation is therefore, one of the most artistically challenging procedures to perform, but an impressive result is found at the hands of experts in this field. Depending on the extent of what you want done, whether a small amount of restoration in order to cover a scar or a full restoration to thick eyebrows, the procedure can involve the transplanting of anywhere from 50 to as many as 400 grafts per eyebrow. Each graft typically contains one or two hairs. The procedure is virtually painless, and takes approximately 5 to 7 days from to recover. This is true no matter whether the entire eyebrow or portions of the eyebrow are being restored. Regrowth rates of the transplanted hairs tend to be quite high, although the occasional patient chooses to have a second procedure to achieve greater density.

This procedure can be done by either the FUE or the strip grafting technique. The important part of the procedure is priming the recipient’s site for the hairs to ensure correct direction and angulation of growth. The transplanted hairs usually fall out around within two to three weeks of the procedure, and then these hairs start to regrow at four months. During the second and third week, the eyebrows actually look quite nice, since the hairs have not fallen out yet. During the duration of six months from the procedure, the eyebrows typically increase in density. Since the donor hairs come from the scalp, they require trimming and grooming usually every 10 to 14 days. This should appear natural and complement the rest of the patient’s facial features.

non surgical hair loss treatment in delhi

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Mesotherapy is a treatment which focuses on increasing the health of the scalp for both men and women. A healthy scalp is able to give nutrients to the hair follicles for strong growth. A weak and unhealthy scalp is unable to give nutrients to the hair resulting in hair fall and thinning of the hair. This can also lead to early onset of baldness.

Mesotherapy uses a specialized vitamin, mineral and herbal cocktail injected into your scalp which can improve the blood circulation and health in this area. Better circulation allows your hair follicles to be better nourished...all of which can help to slow down and even retard hair fall in some situations. You may need as many as five to ten sessions of mesotherapy treatments for hair fall. This will be determined by the doctor. Mesotherapy is a treatment which results in a healthy scalp, a nourishing scalp which is able to nurture the hair for strong and healthy hair growth.

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Candidates for a hair transplant should have healthy growth of hair at the sides and back of the head. These two areas serve as donor site. Donor sites refer to areas on head from where grafts are taken. Curliness, waviness and hair texture and colour also affect the outcome of this surgery. It is important for you to understand that results of hair transplant surgery depend on the number of possible donor grafts available; the more number of grafts, the more recipient area can be covered by new hair. A person with little hair might not be recommended to undergo hair transplant.

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Hair Loss in Women

According to some doctors and hair transplant surgeons, one in five women would experience hair loss triggered because of hormonal changes after menopause, aging and illness. Instead of losing hair in different patches, women experience a subtle thinning over the scalp area. To overcome this problem, some women prefer wearing hair extensions while others opt for a wig. Some women correct this problem by using topical prescriptive drugs. These drugs are effective for some patients and avert further hair loss without affecting any new growth. Hair transplant surgery is the right option for those patients who are either uncomfortable or fail to notice any improvement with these options.

Given that mini-grafts are the best surgical treatment for filling-in thinning parts, candidates who are considering this procedure should have dense and proper hair growth at the back of the head. The hair transplant surgeon harvests mini-grafts from this dense area and replants it to the affected areas creating a fuller appearance.

facial hair transplant in delhi

Preparing for hair transplant surgery

Prior surgery, you will be given instructions for how to prepare for this surgery. These instructions also include guidelines on smoking, drinking and eating and avoiding and intake of certain medications and vitamins. Adhere to these instructions for smooth and effective surgery. For those of you who smoke, it is important to stop smoking four to five weeks before surgery. As smoking hinders blood flow to the skin, it can interfere with the process of healing. Certain medications are blood thinners, which must be avoided prior to a hair transplant. Please discuss medications taken by you with your doctor while planning for your procedure.

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Your Procedure

Hair transplant is an outpatient procedure which means you do not have to stay at hospital. Irrespective of the technique used for hair transplant surgery, it is performed administering local anaesthesia with sedation so that patient can feel comfortable and relaxed.

beard transplant surgery cost in delhi

After Your Surgery

How a patient feels post-surgery depends on the complexity and extent of the procedure. Any pain or aching is controlled with medication prescribed by your hair transplant surgeon. Bandages, if used, are removed a day after surgery. Stitches, if the FUT Strip grafting method has been used, will be removed within time of a week or ten days.

Strenuous activity increases flow of blood to your scalp causing your incisions or transplants to bleed; you might be instructed by the surgeon to avoid any kind of sports or vigorous exercise for at least a month.

You have to visit your surgeon several times during the first month post-surgery to make sure that your incisions are healing properly. It is extremely important for you to abide to the instructions and advice given by the surgeon at these follow-up visits.

PRP treatment in delhi

Resuming normal life

How soon you can get back to normal routine depends on several factors such as type, length and complexity of hair surgery you have had. There is very possibility you might feel well to resume normal activities after a week, or sooner.

Hair shedding after the transplant procedure is very normal and is the body’s way of responding to the trauma it received during the hair transplant procedure. This can be noticed anywhere between one to five weeks after the hair transplant procedure. Patients are sometimes worried by the continued loss of hair, though, a few months after the procedure, they can be assured that new hairs will grow back again. This hair loss is normal and not indicative of any permanent damage on the hair. This is unavoidable, it is also temporary. New hairs will grow at different rates and will take time to mature.

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Number of hair transplants needed

The total number of follicle units required by a patient usually depends on factors such as the area required to be covered, the area and density required of the recipient area. This factor along with donor density, character of the hair, and number of hair in each graft determine the possible number of grafts to be transplanted. On an average, number of hair transplant grafts required for covering bald area is between 25% and 35% percent of the original hair.

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Cost of hair transplant in Delhi

There are several factors which determine scalp reduction surgery cost in India. To know the best available cost, you can schedule an appointment with our hair transplant surgeon.

Hair transplant is a common procedure to combat hair loss and balding. Today, this can be done in 2 varying methods, where the harvesting is performed with different methodologies, but the the transplantation is the same, done carefully, with precision to the angle and positioning. The two common harvesting methods are FUE and FUT Strip Grafting. Although the harvesting method are different, the area from where the grafts are taken is the same. The hairs are taken from the same region of the scalp – DHT resistant areas.

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The Donor Area

Hair grafts are extracted from DHT resistant areas, which are typically located on the sides and back of the scalp. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is the most powerful male hormone. DHT is responsible for the development of sexual characteristics during puberty. As men age, DHT has a propensity to be produced more rapidly. The older a man gets, DHT accumulates in the body since less DHT is used. DHT causes hair loss. Hair grafts are taken from the donor area resistant to DHT. Hair follicles I the back of the head are usually resistant to DHT, this is why even a man with severe hair loss will still have a horseshoe shaped hair pattern on the back and sides of his head. This is the region of donor area for a hair transplant. These hairs are programmed to resist hair fall and to stay healthy. In both different harvesting methodologies, the careful placement of the grafts in the recipient area is the same.

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The Recipient Area

The arrangement, direction and positioning of these grafts determines the aesthetic look of a hair transplant. Placement of each graft is decided on a case-by-case basis, Studying and analyzing the patients’ history of hair loss, and potential for future hair loss. At the experts hand, the hair is placed so that it mimics the way hair grows in naturally. The results look completely normal and be indistinguishable from one’s original hair. The placement of the recipient grafts are the same, the location of the donor grafts are the same, but the harvesting can be using different techniques.

The method of harvesting is where the two different techniques are used - Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) with strip grafting.

Please call us (+91-9289988888) and inquire ( about the Hair Treatment Cost in Delhi, with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap - your FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon in South Delhi, beard and moustache hair transplant cost in Delhi, eyebrow hair transplant, PRP hair fall treatment clinic in Delhi, Gurgaon.



California, USA

“I had a facelift and hair transplant procedure done by Dr. Kashyap and his team at MedSpa in New Delhi. The procedures were done under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. I found the staff very professional and caring. My hairline at 8 days from the procedure looks very satisfactory and natural. My face looks swollen and bruised but I can already see the improvement in my jawline - no more jowls. Overall I am very happy with the results at this stage and cannot wait to see the final outcome.”

Dr. Vijay


“I was balding prematurely and at 37 had lost a lot of my hair both in the front and at the top of my head. Thanks to Dr. Kashyap and his team I now have a decent head of hair and a good hairline. Being a Physician myself, I feel a lot more confident due to my appearance with my patients and colleagues.”


Mumbai, India

"Dr. Kashyap thank you for your care and patience. I was nervous about going through the hair transplant procedure. As you know, I was going back and forth because of my fear of just the idea of having surgery. You patiently answered all my questions and put my fears to rest. What impressed me was that your team comprised of plastic surgeons. I was not left in the hands of technicians as my friend experienced at another doctor's office. He ended up with an unnatural spotty job, where I have a natural looking hairline. I am very happy with the results and will be referring you to other friends."

Sanjeev Ahluwalia

Maharashtra , INDIA

"Very Humble and Generous Surgeon, takes care of his patients very carefully. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, he made me understand about the procedure very clearly."

Mr. R


"Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is a good doctor and understood my problem and gave the solution according to my requirement, and I'm very happy with the results."

Aarav Kumar

Delhi, India

"Wonderful experience, done my hair transplant. Doctor and staff are very well trained. Clinic is neat and clean. Cost is reasonable. Thanks doctor and his entire team."

Rauf Momin


"It's almost 7 months of my Hair Transplant it totally changed my life that I can not describe in words. I would suggest to visit KAS Medical Center once and left everything on Doctor and his team to see wonderful change in your life."

Mr. Rayon


"I had a beard transplant and Dr. Ajaya Kashyap provided all the choices for me and gave me advice as if I were a family member. I am really grateful for that and most important, I am very happy with the results so far. The staff was super friendly and I enjoyed my time during the procedure talking with them. Great doctor and awesome staff."

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